What Is The Chemical Composition Of The Abrasive Particles Of The Flap Disc Mold?

We all know that the Flap Disc is suitable for a variety of stainless steel and carbon steel structure of the grinding and polishing. Showing the hardness of its materials and wear resistance of the high, then the Flap Disc of the abrasive particles of the chemical composition of what is it?

The answer is: a mixture of diamond and carbon.

Diamond commonly known as "diamond". That is, we often say that the original diamond, it is a kind of carbon by the composition of minerals, carbon isomers of allotrope. Diamond is currently found in the earth many of the most hard in the natural material. The use of diamonds is very extensive, for example: handicrafts, cutting tools in industry. Graphite can be formed at high temperature, high pressure artificial diamond. Because of its high hardness, strong stability of the main features, has also been widely used in many industrial areas.

We all know that carbon has a very strong stability, so the combination of diamond and carbon can effectively guarantee the durability of the Flap Disc.