What Are The Reasons Why The Flap Disc Can Grind Furniture

The Flap Disc is widely used in grinding and polishing of stainless steel and carbon steel structure. In fact, the Flap Disc can also be used for the grinding of solid wood furniture. The following is a brief introduction to the reasons why the blinds can grind furniture. To understanding.

Bai Flap Disc is a simplified product of the Flap Disc, mainly used in industrial production in the grinding and polishing, is also a kind of industrial supplies products. Flap Disc base with mesh, nylon, plastic, steel and other paper, the number of pages ranging from fan-shaped evenly distributed. Size 36 # -400 #, to 60 #, 80 # the most common, diameter 4 "-7" installed in the angle to the grinder, for the weld, while the edge of the burr grinding and grinding processing, with the cymbals Grinding wheel interchangeable, good elasticity, high efficiency, good heat dissipation, low noise advantages can replace the resin cymbals type wheel, it has a strong elasticity, high tensile strength, self-sharpening, grinding rate High and low noise, suitable for welding the weld and stamping parts of the box.

Flap Disc is mainly used in a variety of stainless steel and carbon steel structure of the grinding and polishing. Can be used for shipbuilding, automotive, aviation, machinery, instrumentation, bridges and construction industry and furniture of metal and non-metallic materials of various types of rust, paint, deburring, polished weld.