The Protective Cover Protects The Grinding Wheel In The Grinder

The use of grinding wheel is more accurate, so we should pay attention to the corresponding problems in the production, so as to be more successful in the use of the subsequent use of the process will reduce the occurrence of various problems, so we should pay attention to the installation of protective cover , Which can reduce damage.

1, the protective cover of the circumference of the protective part should be adjustable or equipped with adjustable guard, when the wheel wear wheel surface and the protective cover can be adjusted between the distance between the general should be adjustable to 1.6mm or less.

2, the hood opening angle should not be greater than 90 degrees in the grinding wheel mounting shaft above the horizontal angle should not be greater than 65 degrees radius R should not be less than the provisions of the wheel chuck radius if you need to use the wheel mounting shaft horizontal plane below the wheel part of the processing of protection The opening angle of the cover can be increased to 125 degrees and the angle of the opening of the shield above the horizontal axis of the wheel mounting shaft should not be greater than 65 degrees.

3, the outer side of the wheel chuck and the grinding wheel cover the gap between the openings should generally not more than 15mm.

4, adjustable palette should use the tensile strength of 375-460N / mm2 Q235 or equivalent strength of the rolling plate manufacturing. At this point the thickness should not be less than the shield plate thickness, but the desktop grinder and floor grinding machine plate thickness of the minimum shall not be less than 3mm. Tighten the adapter plate screws should not be less than 2 screws Diameter of not less than 1.6 times the thickness of the palette If the use of guide or hinge adjustable panel when the installation of the screw allows a reduction.

From the above for the grinding wheel production process of the protective cover we have to pay special attention, only to protect these problems in order to use in the subsequent more smoothly. The above summary of these, every issue we should pay attention to reduce the occurrence of various problems.