The Difference Between The Flap Disc And The Impeller

Flap Disc and other abrasive in order to be able to adapt to the needs of grinding products, the need for a certain treatment to improve the grinding performance of abrasive, this process known as the immersion process, impregnation process has gone through a long period of development, There is a traditional impregnation process, there are modern impregnation process.

Modern impregnation process is based on the traditional processing technology developed on the basis of the modern impregnation process is the first 24A40CMI-CM2K5B characteristics Ⅱ Ⅱ 150 × 13 × 32 stainless steel polished Flap Disc heated to 140-150 ℃, and then into the heated to 130- 135 ° C in the impregnant solution, the speed was changed from 2.8 revolutions per second to the stop pulse for 4 minutes. This ensures that all the impregnant components are evenly impregnated in the grinding wheel.

The stainless steel grinding of the Flap Disc from the melt out of rotation, relying on the rotation of the wheel throwing excess impregnant. The grinding wheel is held in air for 1-1.5 hours. The grinding wheel throws away the extra dipping agent in accordance with this specification, and does not form a tumor on the diamond when it is trimmed, and is not greasy on the surface during grinding and does not produce burns on the ground surface.

A lot of people asked me that the difference between the Flap Disc and the impeller of what, the problem also put me stumped, I went to ask our company experts, I will share with you about the impeller and the impeller of the area.

In fact, very simple, from the name point of view, 100 impeller, thousand impeller product features similar to the difference between the number of leaves, the use of different, including brown steel, silicon carbide and other materials, different materials have different functions, In the general metal, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron, nonferrous metals and other weld grinding, grinding metal stamping parts of the mouth, the metal surface in addition to paint, rust, steel paper Flap Disc with steel sheet, Resin gauze fabric for the cut layer, made of resin adhesive disc-like coated abrasive, suitable for stainless steel and non-metallic such as plastic, wood and other surface grinding, metal surface rust, in addition to paint, Flower type wheel Flap Disc, low noise, in the use of durable surface processing can be obtained, cold grinding processing, surface finishing excellent results.

I may be relatively simple, but the difference between the Flap Disc and the impeller of the general about these, they belong to a kind of abrasive.