The Abrasive Paper Is Used In Wheel Repair

Usually driving will inevitably bumps, not a small car will leave the wheel traces, which makes a lot of friends feel bad, with Abrasive Paper auxiliary tools, you can rest assured that the following for you to introduce Abrasive Paper in the wheel repair use it.

Abrasive Paper cost more economical, and the color is beautiful, to maintain a long time, even if the vehicle scrapped, the wheel's color remains the same. In order to be bright paint can be a good adsorption on the primer, the primer to a polished, the primer is smooth but not too smooth, the paint has a very good adsorption. Can guarantee a long time the finish does not fall off.

Car wheel grinding with the Abrasive Paper, the first request to have a good enough sharpness, so that when grinding the car wheel when there is a good cutting force, grinding speed faster.

Car Abrasive Paper and ordinary Abrasive Paper is also very different, like ordinary Abrasive Paper if we use the first time will fall fine sand, but the car is different Abrasive Paper, in order to better car polished bright and meticulous, they The quality must be effectively protected, the use must be protected without sand, this product is the best quality products.

Car Abrasive Paper is also divided into many types, such as wet and dry Abrasive Paper, or a variety of Abrasive Paper, we must according to the actual situation of our vehicles to choose, if we choose not suitable for our vehicles Abrasive Paper, may not only help us Can not solve the problems we encountered, and will add new problems.

Abrasive Paper is an indispensable tool in car maintenance. Making our car surface more smooth, to solve the usual bump when some traces. In the car care plan must not ignore it.


Car wheel deformation, vector circle, corrosion, yellow recommendations timely repair, responsible for the deformation of the wheel hub is not safe; corrosion does not repair the wheel will lead to more severe corrosion.