Technical Requirements For Abrasive Cloth

The production line is suitable for the production of animal or low temperature fast curing resin as the binder of the page-like, roll-like Abrasive Cloth, plus a co-auxiliary equipment, can also produce dry abrasive paper, the whole line including scraping gum, Complex plastic, formaldehyde, finished product output, sub-printed trademark, cutting, drying room and other equipment. Abrasive Cloth From the original cloth input to the production of abrasive products, all the production process into a production line, eliminating the need for many intermediate links, with a simple equipment, compact structure, small size, less intermediate transport, easy operation, high production efficiency, low cost The Is a Chinese style, suitable for domestic small and medium coated abrasive factory manufacturing and use of their own excellent production equipment. Its characteristics:

1) the use of stand-alone combination of drying room part of the use of the steel frame structure, and refolding complex formaldehyde part of the use of a single wall structure, that is, there is a seamless unity of the whole line, there are stand-alone flexibility, different specifications Of the strong adaptability, but also for future technological transformation.

2) The main transmission part of the Abrasive Cloth is controlled by the automatic control of the whole line and the manual operation of the single machine. It can easily change the running speed of the Abrasive Cloth at any time without delay the normal operation of the process, the system programming Strong, using a PLC host and a number of expansion modules, frequency converter frequency control to achieve the production line speed control.

Technical requirements

① Abrasive Cloth scraping machine: the purpose is to plug the cloth hole, flat cloth, increase fiber strength, facilitate printing, to prevent penetration.

② ironing and traction: by the frequency control motor traction ironing roller, by the photoelectric tracking system to adjust the motor speed, so that the speed of the pinch roller to follow the reciprocating roller to adjust the degree of tension.

③ drying room: the dry cloth in the manufacture of sand, the use of far-infrared heat for the heat source.

④ head machine: cloth by the squeegee dry ironing into the headset after the tension of the cloth can be rotated with the tightening device connected to the worm assembly of the hand wheel adjustment.

⑤ sand plant: from the sand box, the tape transmission section, sieve, back to the sand collection and transmission parts.

⑥ hoist: by loading and unloading the bottom, rack, unloading head, belt, hopper and transmission part.

⑦ Abrasive Cloth complex plastic complex formaldehyde machine: two parts installed in a rack, the formaldehyde in the complex, in the next.

⑧ finished product output: This is the sand from the drying room out to the traction between the points.

⑨ trademark and sub-export: printing trademark and according to the width of the cloth to adjust the distance between the tool holder.

⑩ cutting unit: can be independent or parallel with the host running home requirements for cutting the finished product.