Sandpaper For Grinding To Remember Where?

For some time now, it is always possible to hear that many customers will reflect a problem that the parts of the product they are grind out with sandpaper are often blackened, or that the surface of the product is rough and barely slippery The serious thing is that the surface of the product is spent. But according to our in-depth investigation to find some problems, they are the reason for this situation mostly because of the use of inappropriate grinding media caused by. So, in the sandpaper for grinding a time, in the end what skills? Here, let us learn together!

First of all, we use sandpaper for grinding or grinding time, to remember a key, is to be based on different products, choose a different degree of grinding. If it is a very rough product itself, then the sandpaper when it is polished, we can choose a relatively large intensity, otherwise, for such products, it is estimated to be polished for a long time to be able to polish to a smooth degree It! And for those themselves are not very rough parts, we are polished when the intensity can not be too big, if the intensity is too large, it will lead to black parts slightly! In addition, when the choice of grinding media is also based on the nature of some of the products to choose is the best, there are many grinding media, the most common grinding media grinding stone, polishing stone, grinding machine, etc., these grinding auxiliaries Are to some extent to help us better grinding parts. But if you choose not to the corresponding grinding media, but will be counterproductive, can not make the parts of the grinding effect to achieve what we expected. Do these two jobs, and then clever use of our sandpaper, what grinding is not a thing it!