Sand-sand Art Ceramics (zirconia) Applications And Advantages

  Ceramic abrasive sand blasting process product advantages:

  1 the high hardness, deformation of small, ceramic sand. Ceramic abrasive hardness up to 643~785HV, with super high impact shock dynamics. High hardness ceramic sand enough to ensure high strength and ultra high-strength structural parts by shot-peening, increase production efficiency; distortion ensures that the shape of the projectile upon impact impact does not change, ceramic spherical shape of the sand the parts shot peening to improve the quality of stability.

  2,Compared to  glass sand, finish higher, life is about 20-30 times. Hardness of glass beads only 47HRC, poor wear resistance compared with the ceramic litter 60HRC, lots free of dust generated in the process, poor working environment, endangering workers ' health, wear shot blasting equipment and spare parts.

  3, ceramic sand has only broken, rarely worn. Grain size small enough to provide a very high modulus: 330GPa ceramic grains of sand in the sand surface smooth using the multiple-point rebound.