How Many Types Of Abrasive Paper Are There?

Disc Abrasive Paper as industrial supplies, we may not understand it, but do not underestimate the disc Abrasive Paper Yeah, the application of a wide range of Abrasive Paper. From the space shuttle to our use of mobile phones and computers, the production process should use the disk Abrasive Paper, part of the space shuttle parts have to go through the fine Abrasive Paper Abrasive Paper, and the fuselage, in the paint before use Disc Abrasive Paper polished, or will appear varnish. Today, let's talk about the number of types of Abrasive Paper Abrasive Paper?

Disc Abrasive Paper from the paste to classify can be divided into two categories, gum flooring Abrasive Paper and velveteen round Abrasive Paper (also known as self-adhesive disc Abrasive Paper and pull velvet Abrasive Paper); ' For sandblasted discs and perforated polished discs. There are a number of other classification methods, such as by size, the common 4-inch, 5-inch, 6-inch diameter disc sand, can use the disc sand diameter area 23mm --- 235mm. As well as from the sand sand to the classification of sand, a common sand surface sand sand, red sand surface disc sand, yellow sand surface disc sand, there is very rare, blue sand surface sand, Green sand surface disc sand. As well as from the Abrasive Paper on the raw materials for classification, divided into silicon carbide disk Abrasive Paper and corundum disc Abrasive Paper, silicon carbide disk Abrasive Paper can be divided into green silicon carbide disk Abrasive Paper and black silicon carbide disk Abrasive Paper. Brown corundum disc Abrasive Paper can be divided into ordinary corundum disc Abrasive Paper, calcined corundum Abrasive Paper, plated iridium corundum disk Abrasive Paper, semi-crisp corundum disc Abrasive Paper and so on.

Before understanding how many types of disc Abrasive Paper and use, first to understand the manufacture of disc Abrasive Paper, no matter what kind of Abrasive Paper is Abrasive Paper, is a new generation of Abrasive Paper, replaced the original ordinary Abrasive Paper, it is circular shape Than the previous Abrasive Paper is more beautiful and characteristic, there are Abrasive Paper roll is velvet, there are paste double-sided adhesive, and then punching machine for a special round mold cut to produce a disc Abrasive Paper, in fact, the production of plastic Abrasive Paper Simple, it has two major categories, namely the adhesive tape Abrasive Paper and the back velvet Abrasive Paper, but there is another classification is carried out by size, common with 4 inches, 5 inches, 6 inches in diameter Disc sand, different materials will have a lot of classification of production, no matter how the classification of its application are the same, the application of a wide range of Abrasive Paper, from a large range to a small range are available, the production process Most of the parts need to be carefully polished, as well as the fuselage, in a lot of parts before the paint will be polished Abrasive Paper, so that the surface is more smooth, easier to paint, can also be used Plastic, electronics, auto parts, furniture, handicrafts and so on, so that the efficiency of the product increases.