Harmfulness And Protective Measures Of High Speed Rotation Of Grinding Wheel

Grinding wheel is a very wide range of modern grinding tools, the operation in the course of operation will cause harm to the human body, so in order to reduce and control the occurrence of harm, we must master a certain knowledge and protective measures, the specific how to do it The Let's take a look:

First, the fracture accident and preventive measures

Second, the wheel fracture will not only cause the death of nearby personnel or serious injury accidents, but also cause serious damage to the workshop or housing. Although the manufacturer has taken various precautions, if the use of careless, occasionally grinding wheel breakage or crushing accident. Apply the following precautions:

Unloading and storage, in the transport and handling process, if the water impregnated with phenolic resin bonded grinding wheel, it will reduce its strength; and ceramic bonded grinding wheel, it is sensitive to repeated changes in temperature; Uniform absorption of water will make the wheel out of balance. Therefore, the loading and unloading wheel, you must be careful to put, and to be placed in a dry and shaded place to maintain the normal state of the wheel.

Buy a grinding wheel to master a certain knowledge, in order to buy to the quality of the wheel. Here to introduce some of the knowledge on the wheel, grinding wheel with any way to identify wrinkles, we hope to help! There are three ways:

First, the wheel products are shipped when the factory instructions, the above records are very detailed, to carefully watch.

Second, before the use of grinding wheel, to hang with a mallet tapping, the sound should be crisp, there is metal sound! If the sound boring, compared to mute, usually in the transport of collisions, absolutely not allowed to use!

Third, the conditional of course the best high-speed rotation experiment! Generally in the work of 1.6 times the speed of rotation 1 minute, not broken, proved qualified, you can use!