Grinders Are Used In The Flap Disc

As a grinding tool grinding materials are many, such as belt, sandpaper, wheel, Flap Disc, grinding fluid, grinding paste, let us know about today's hundred Flap Disc. The Flap Disc is also known as the elastic disc, as a new type, high elastic coated abrasive shaped products, the Flap Disc has a good elasticity, grinding and burn the workpiece and other characteristics, and more for corner grinding machine or electric machine. Flap Disc is widely used in the ship, bridge, car, aircraft, stainless steel products, welding and polishing a large area of degreasing, rust and mold, plating dressing and polishing. To make the grinding fluid in the grinding process to fully play the role of grinding fluid supply can not be ignored.

Pouring method to provide grinding fluid, grinding grinding material grinding fluid is often difficult to enter the grinding area, the main reasons are as follows:

First, the grinding wheel end of the hole is the air, due to the role of centrifugal force, from the center of the wheel to the wheel, the greater the porosity of the wheel, the higher the speed, the greater the impact.

Second, the impact of the wheel cover, there is a cover compared with the cover, the average pressure of the air flow increased by about 50%.

Third, the wheel rotation, the surrounding also will produce a rotary air, the higher the wheel speed, the greater the impact of airflow.

The Flap Disc are made of plastic or fibrous web covers and abrasive sheets for corner grinders. There are generally 36 pages, 56 pages, 72 pages, 80 pages of several categories.

Particle size is generally between 40 # -320 #.

Materials are corundum, zirconia corundum, silicon carbide and so on.

Grinding material Flap Disc can be used for various types of metal and nonmetallic materials for shipbuilding, automotive, aerospace, mechanical, instrumentation, bridges and construction industries and furniture.