Analysis Of The Latest First Half Of 2013 Abrasives Industry

  In the center of macroeconomic control policy, under the guidance of national economic situation gradually improved in the second half of last year, has improved markedly in the first half of this year, our industry grow significantly. According to the Association of industrial enterprises above designated size statistics, Industrial output in current prices in the first half rose 51.11%, 66.27% increase in revenue from product sales, total profit rose 133.14%, from the angle of statistical analysis of main products, abrasive type: corundum rose 45.91%, black corundum 56.06%, WA 1.72%, green silicon carbide 88.8%, black silicon carbide 44.66%; abrasive type: Ceramic grinding wheels up 44.25%, resin Emery wheel rose 34.13%. The main reason is the strong demand growth.

  Because of the relatively large countries affected by financial crises, such as the United States and the European Union economy gradually recovered, demand for products such as corundum, silicon carbide in the month rose, United States, and Japan, the European Union respectively, we export the top three. But the overall export prices is unlikely. Brown fused alumina exports were 323,464 tons in the first half, an increase of 462.24%, the total amount of 171,253. $ 40,000, an increase of 428.92%, the average price per tonne to $ FOB529.44/ton 09 $ 562.79/ton, down-5.93%. SIC 1-June exports were 106,222 tonnes (which about 40,000 tons of green carbon powder), rose 126.62%, total amount of US $ 186.7661 million, an increase of 166.15%, the average price this year to $ FOB1757.4/ton 09 FOB1516.2 USD/ton, up 15.91%, the growth mainly came from increased exports of green carbon powder. Abrasive products exports in January-June 76,452 tons, an increase of 39.74% and exports of 10,305. $ 30,000, an increase of 40.01%, compared to the average prices this year to $ FOB1348/ton 09 $ 1345.4/t, 0.19%, overall exports of low-grade Abrasives accounted for a larger proportion of the total exports.