Analysis Of Grinding And Polishing Equipment Industry Development In China And Research On Management Advisory

  Since entering the 21st century, the size and characteristics of the market have experienced great changes, business operation and management also has single aim type development from the past begins to systematic and scientific management. Understanding how to look professional polishing equipment industry development and changes in the labour market, how to use scientific methods for effective management of all levels of the enterprise, will become the primary issue of future survival and development.

  But it still has a lot of business thinking is still in early days, without a proper planning and execution control, just by virtue of feeling and business owners manage the personal likes and dislikes. And within the overall management process, as business owners and managers related to the lack of professional and managerial skills, the management process controls and changeable, management confusion or conflict. Enterprise management confusion, resulting in decreased overall job performance, lack of togetherness and security. So the import cycle, enterprises in the market place is at stake.