Abrasive Paper Is A Key Factor Affecting Its Quality

The properties of the abrasive determine the quality of the Abrasive Paper itself, such as the size of the abrasive itself, hardness, toughness and its own shape. Abrasive Paper size generally in the European standard (FEPA), the United States standard (CAMI), JIS (Japanese standard), the Russian standard (GOST).

In the case of the European Grain Size Standard, the standard is developed by the European Association of Abrasives Manufacturers (FEPA)

Coarse sand: P80, P60, P50, P40, P36, P30, P24, p20, p16

In the sand: P280, P240, P220, P180, P150, P120, P100

Refined: P600, P500, P400, P360, P320

Ultra-fine grinding: P1500, P1200, P1000, P800

In addition to the abrasive itself, the matrix material, tear resistance, elongation; the use of adhesive additives, adding special filler material can improve the Abrasive Paper cutting performance.

The use of the additive layer (supercoat) also affects the quality of the Abrasive Paper. The supercoat layer reduces friction in the debris formation area, reduces abrasive wear, and reduces the temperature of the grinding area. Avoid discoloration of the workpiece due to excessive temperature.

Abrasive Paper procurement:

1, poor use of materials, short life;

2, less variety, did not meet the individual needs.

In view of these two points, Bo Chuang into the Abrasive Paper market before the set of service purposes: "quality of the letter, the price manufacturers to provide", "people-oriented services to meet the individual needs" to guide Abrasive Paper users the correct consumption concept: Abrasive Paper, cheap no good goods.

Never to meet the low price, and at the expense of quality