2015 China Abrasive Belt Fabric Industry Innovation And Development Forum Held In Yancheng

  Sponsored by the China industrial textiles Association, Dagang town, yandu district, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, the people of the "2015 China abrasive belt fabric industry innovation and Development Forum" held in Yancheng. Secretary General of China textile industry Association Vice President Gao Yong, the Chinese Academy of engineering academician Zhou Xiang, China industrial textile industry association President Li Shen, China textile industry Association Vice President Wang Keli, Jiangsu provincial textile industry Association Vice President Han ping, China machine tool industry association coated abrasives Branch Secretary-General Wang Mingyan, guests and taken part in industrial textile industry representatives.

  Gaoyong said China's textile industry faces new opportunities and challenges in the new normal. "Thirteen-Five" is the new normal for the duration of the economic development in China during the period, is characterized by low growth, entered a period of rapid development, and the textile industry is a marketing process industries with high fiber processing total amount of growth will be slightly higher than the same period the world's fiber processing. "Thirteen-Five" one of the structural adjustment of the textile industry, is firmly supporting industrial textile industry expected industrial textile fibre processing will reach 30% per cent of the total, or even one-third.