Drawing process, common sense and belt misalignment problems

  Drawing process is a metal processing, metal processing, external force for stainless steel, aluminum and other metals through a die, cross-section of the metal is compressed, and cross sections, shapes, technology requirements, this is metal drawing process.

Metal drawing process is usually the diamond wheel surface pattern, pressing, rolling into a variety of chemical processing. Color brightness, uniform, fashion sense, gives a strong visual impact.

  External material used in drawing process of surface treatment has a very strong metallic texture, texture, clarity and surface uniformity, today's trendy new high grade decorative material, applied to household appliances, 3C, such as the electronics industry's exterior decoration.

  Drawing process, common sense and belt misalignment problems often occur, master by hantong below ground for some analysis:

Drawing technology in the water mill wire drawing machines have been at work belt deviation phenomenon? If you have? How do you resolve them? Grinding belt running deviation of wire drawing machine main tire wear, without a good tune belt device, the belt tight enough causes three abrasive belt runs out.

  How to solve these problems, when you find the drawing process water equipment belt of wire drawing machine ran out of checks to see which is the case when, if tire wear or put on a new tire rides on rubber wheels, if the belt tight enough or not adjusted belt will spring loaded or adjusted the belt.