Belt use

Just select the appropriate belt models, reasonable grinding process, the right combination of size, can play the superiority of abrasive belt grinding, economy, to ensure the quality of the workpiece.

  3.1 belt models of different workpiece materials, different workpiece shapes, different grinding belt model chosen is not the same, belt type selection from the category of the base material, abrasive material, Binder type and belt joints and so on four aspects to choose. Abrasive belt model is generally chosen should have a professional finish. Because of this domestic literature has been introduced, we won't go into detail.

  3.2 particle size selection select the appropriate belt size only in order to keep the workpiece surface quality and improve the service life of the belt. If you choose the belt size is too small, there is no guarantee the surface quality of the workpiece; if you choose belt size is too large, not only embody the efficiency, economy of abrasive belt grinding and sanding belt when used in wrinkle and fracture, reduced service life of the belt.