Analysis of advantages of deburring process

  Deburring process has long been seen by many as unable to avoid "trouble". Fill the gaps in deburring technology in the field of electrochemical Anodic dissolution of the principle to remove metal, no cutting, no loss to the cathode, the machining process used electrolysis process, increase production efficiency, reduces the production cost.

  To Burr process equipment of unique of at is, in electrolytic machine of cathode tool to fixed not moving of artifacts movement for discharge processing, to implementation on artifacts of Burr parts for electrolytic of while, its core of single power control single cathode pipe (that multiple power respectively separate control multiple cathode for relative independent of electrolytic processing), and tie professional cathode of closed flow road design (different Yu other suppliers will artifacts all dip in electrolytic pool in for processing), to achieved in on multiple artifacts for to Burr Shi, Complete the requirements for each job has different processing parameters on machining parts for occupationally, also do not require deburring parts can be effectively protected.