Abrasive belt grinding technology

  Abrasive belt grinding after nearly 30 years of development, has become a more complete and self-contained new processing technologies. Due to its high efficiency, wide application, adaptable, low cost, easy operation and well received by users. Abroad, the abrasive belt grinding technology has had a great deal of progress, its objects and applications become more widely, it can process almost all engineering materials, from daily life to large aerospace equipment no not applicable, and has become an important means of obtaining significant economic benefits. As a kind of processing technologies have received increasing attention, develop rapidly, because it has the following important features:

Grinding performance

Belt grinding is a soft grinding, is a grinding, lapping, polishing effects compositing technology.

  Abrasive belt grinding grain

Abrasive belt grinding on grinding grains have more cutting power, their efficiency is very high. Abrasive belt grinding higher efficiency in its rate of removal, grinding (removal of workpiece weight with weight ratio and abrasive wear) and machine power utilization in three aspects are very high. By 2012, the known rate of abrasive belt grinding of steel has reached 700mm3/mm • s, even the turning or milling. Abrasive belt grinding ratio well above the wheel, up to 300:1, or even 400:1, wheels 30:1. Power efficiency of abrasive belt grinding machine, far away in the early development of abrasive belt grinding has reached 80%, ahead of other machine tool, whereas today up to 96%, by contrast, wheel grinders, 52%, milling machine 57%, 65% lathes, belt grinding is a good energy-saving processing technologies.